August 24, 2012

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April 1, 2012

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March 7, 2012

DVF & Dragonette Get Their Strut On!

   Dragonette have teamed up with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg for her compilation Proud to be Woman Vol. 3 in celebration of International Women's Day (March 8th). Including A Fine Frenzy, Lissie, and up 'n comer Yuna, Dragonette's contribution is the catwalk ready "Right Woman," it's pouty, infectious pop. A bouncy beat, plenty of electronic and synth to make a dancefloor go wild, it's not a far stretch from the band's more recent collaborations on "Fire in Your Shoes" with Kaskade and  producer Martin Solveig's monster hit "Hello." 
   Expect more Dragonette in the coming months, and support von Furstenberg's Proud to be Woman campaign by picking up Dragonette's addictive new jam.

March 6, 2012

Single Selection: Mar. 6/2012

ALX - I Will Love You More   3/5   Bandcamp
   ALX the new electro-pop project from Toronto's Allie Hughes, finds the eccentric pop singer glammed-up like Goldfrapp on "I Will Love You More," her synth-loaded debut single as ALX. Hughe's sugary pop vocals pierce through the dancefloor-ready beats adding to the tracks overall appeal. Though a departure from Allie's initial alt-pop offerings, ALX feels no less genuine.

Norah Jones - Happy Pills   4/5   iTunes

   Norah Jones returns with a little help from super producer Danger Mouse on her single "Happy Pills," with Jones signature vocals injected with just a hint of cooing sex kitten, and swagger thanks to a laid back, bluesy guitar groove filtered through the lense of a sensible pop song. It's Norah Jones at her most dynamic and it's rewarding.

Hey Ocean! - Island  3.5/5   iTunes

   Hey Ocean drop their latest single "Island" a glowing ballad that's follows last year's Big Blue Wave EP in anticipation of the band's third studio album.  Gorgeous harmonies and dreamy lyrics make for a euphoric song that's shimmers with lush instrumentals that float on clouds.

Calvin Harris - Let's Go featuring Ne-Yo   1.5/5   Leaked

   Calvin Harris is a man about town following his monster hit via Rihanna "We Found Love" not to mention two hit tracks of his own in 2011, but "Let's Go" featuring Ne-Yo screams of David Guetta mediocrity lacking any punch and sounding more like radio-ready dancefloor filler. You're best to sleep through this one.

March 2, 2012

Video of the Week: Gabby Young & Other Animals

Gabby Young & Other Animals - In Your Head

   Gabby Young & Other Animals are back with "In Your Head," the music video is the first single off Gabby Young's forthcoming album The Band Called Out For More. One of the most creative and undeniably enjoyable videos we've seen in quite some time, "In Your Head" pulls out all the stops, the quirky hand crafted video is jam packed with everything under the big top not to mention interactive options to pick one of two alternate endings.
    It's the most fun we've had with a music video well... ever but more over "In Your Head" will do just that be stuck in your head, as well will it's music video which requires several viewings not just to see the alternate endings but to catch all the mischief and mayhem that takes place in Gabby's circus.

February 29, 2012

EP Beat: Teenage Kicks

Be On My Side   4.5/5

   Teenage Kicks have been on a roll as of late making Shattered Vinyl's Best of 2011... EPs & Artists to Watch 2012: Honour Roll lists in recent months, not to mention the launch of their Singles Club

February 1, 2012

Artists to Watch 2012: Honour Roll

   As part of our 2nd annual Artists to Watch list we've decided to add a new addition to the festivities, the Honour Roll. Not everyone can make the cut but we've taken some additional artists we considered for our list that deserve the honour of our Artist to Watch 2012: Honour Roll.

Jane's Party
   Toronto's feel good pop act Jane's Party will be picking up where 2011 left off with more performances  in support of their self-titled EP and hitting the studio creating more pop confections.
  Unapologetic pop that's charming and contagious, if you're not a cheerleader of Jane's Party, you best get on board as the boys are planning on hitting Montreal & Halifax along with an American invasion, this is one pop band we love unconditionally.

January 31, 2012

Artists To Watch 2012

   In 2011 Shattered Vinyl released it's inaugural list Artists to Watch list, and with it's success we decided to bring back Artists to Watch for 2012, and name another 10 artists worth your attention this year. All our acts have recently or are expected to drop new material over the course of 2012, and we think have what it takes to be big names by year's end.

10. Jagwar Ma 
  Indie-rock outfit Jagwar Ma are set to release their debut 7" Come Save Me.  A modern-day twist on the Beach Boys, Jagwar Ma's sunny boyish vocals, looping drum beats, layered synthesizers take these simple pop tunes and warp them till they're just right, like on the band's track "What Love?." Lead single "Come Save Me" with it's retro 60s pop aesthetics that make for an enjoyable groove that's earned the band plenty of buzz and many watching what's next from the Aussies. 
  Droping their debut on February 27th, 2012 via Blue Rider, Jagwar Ma are sure to be a note worthy band especially in the early hours of 2012.

January 27, 2012

Video of the Week: Class Actress

Class Actress - Bienvenue

   Elizabeth Harper endears herself in the cinematic beauty of Class Actress' "Bienvenue" off the Brooklyn outfit's latest effort Rapprocher. Set in Paris Harper, atop Parisian rooftops twirls us into a heavenly friendly via "Bienvenue" and it's irresistible electro-pop and a handsome male suitor catching her gaze. Its romantic fantasy that fits with Class Actress' heavenly synth, a day dream perfect for Friday viewing. 

January 24, 2012

Record Revue: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Out of Frequency   4/5

   Danish outfit The Asteroids Galaxy Tour drop their latest effort Out of Frequency, dosing the dancefloor in swanky horns, psychedelic funk swagger in a sunny pop shell.